Terms & Conditions

Concrete Pumping Service Conditions:

The Customer shall: Abide by these terms and conditions, including all terms and conditions incorporated herein.

Core Concrete Pumping Ltd. assumes no responsibility for cost incurred due to poor site conditions, poor weather conditions, unpumpable concrete, late arrival, early arrival, late concrete supplier, equipment failure, equipment damage or damage to the customer’s or surrounding property.

The customer assumes responsibility for all damage to Core Concrete Pumping’s equipment and or materials occurring on the customer’s job site including but not limited to damage due to poor quality and subsequently hardened concrete. The customer is responsible for all road closures, access permissions and site preparation as well as any fines issued as a result of not obtaining such permissions.

The customer agrees to pay the “machine” rate as quoted. Customer to provide suitable clean-out location on site or if not available, customer to pre-arrange suitable offsite clean-out at an additional charge of $199.99 plus applicable taxes. If the customer decides to purchase a washout bag from Core Concrete Pumping, it is the customer’s full responsibility to remove washout bag after use. The customer agrees to pay Core Concrete Pumping travel to and from the customer’s job site at the machine rate that was agreed upon.

The customer agrees that, if the pump and or truck gets stuck on site due to poor conditions, it’s the customers full responsibility to have appropriate equipment to pull the truck and pump out and agree to pay for any damage to the equipment. The customer agrees to pay the Fuel and Insurance Surcharge. The customer agrees to pay applicable federal and provincial taxes on the invoice.

Late Payment: Full Invoice payment is due on the date of the service rendered. Please be advised that we will charge 6% interest per month on late invoices.

The customer agrees that additional charges will be charged, if applicable, to the credit card on file after the concrete pumping services have been rendered.

Cancellations Charges:
– Less than 24 hours before on-site time: 4 hours at machine rate – plus applicable taxes.
– 24 hours or more before on-site time: $500.00 – plus applicable taxes.

Agreement to Terms:

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